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Wheel Services


Wheelbuiding labor includes calculating spoke length, prepping rims spokes and hubs, the lacing/tensioning/balancing process as well as a retensioning of the spokes after a few hundred miles' use (to "reset" tension after the spokes have completed the initial elongation). Spoke threads are prepped with boiled linseed oil and the rim/nipple interface is coated with a medium-weight all-weather grease.

Wheelbuild labor includes all standard lacing patterns (4x, 3x, 2x, 1x and radial) but there are additional labor charges for non-standard patterns (crowe's foot, twisted spokes, intermittent and non-symetrical patterns)- inquire for special pattern prices.

The primary spokes I build with are DT Swiss and
the most common configurations are listed below. If you want alloy nipples, bladed spokes, straight-pull or any other variations- contact me for a quote.
If you prefer Sapim, Wheelsmith, Hoshi, or another brand- let me know.

All wheel work ordered here will automatically get scheduled into the work calendar. Please contact me to schedule a pick up/delivery date.

*Tubular tire gluing price includes usual cleaning of rim (up-charge $5-15 if old glue is bad to terrible to remove). Glue used is your choice of 3M Fast Tack, Vittoria Mastik, Continental or other- included in price.

With over 20 years' professional wheelbuilding experience, and over 10,000 builds hit years ago, I've built for everyone from local hard-core messengers and little juniors to Elite racers- some who have medaled at World Championships. My wheels cover all arenas from Road, cyclocross, velodrome, street fixed, bmx, mtb, bike polo, downhill, trials, recumbent, tandem, etc... Disc brakes, wood rims, carbon- all routine.

If picking up in the shop (no shipping)- choose "Togo" for your location.

I'm always open to feedback and questions- Marcus Moore, Yojimbo's Garage marcus@yojimbosgarage.com 312-587-0878