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Chainrings, 135 b.c.d.

by Campagnolo , Miche , Salsa , and Vuelta ,


All chainrings listed here are 135 b.c.d.

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For 110/130 b.c.d. dual bolt pattern rings, please see: http://yojimbosgarage.bigcartel.com/product/chainrings-110-130-b-c-d

For 130 b.c.d. rings, please see: http://yojimbosgarage.bigcartel.com/product/chainrings-130-b-c-d

For 135/144 b.c.d. dual bolt pattern rings, please see: http://yojimbosgarage.bigcartel.com/product/chainrings-135-144-b-c-d-dual-bolt-circle-diameter

For 144 b.c.d. rings, please see: http://yojimbosgarage.bigcartel.com/product/chainrings-144-b-c-d

If picking up in the shop (no shipping)- choose "Togo" for your location.